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I designed Monopoly Pink as a way to highlight the issue of Pink Tax. Gender inequality comes across in all shapes and forms, whether looking at statistics of violence against particular genders or the contrast in access to opportunities and education. Gender inequality today is present on various different scales, which means, while in some cases it’s more obvious such as the pay gap a lot of the times it goes undetected. One of these areas is something called the Pink Tax.


What is the Pink Tax?

Pink Tax is the invisible higher cost that women pay for products that are specifically marketed towards them. In 2015, an in depth study was conducted by the New York Department of Consumer Affairs on the difference in cost between the same products with slight differences for men and women. The conducted a study over 794 different products ans found that on average, women’s products cost 7% more that similar products for men. It was also found that womens products cost more 42% of the time in comparison to 18% for men. The largest variation was found when it came to personal care products, where women were found to be paying about 13% more than men.

This study was the starting point for many similar studies in different countries across the world with very similar findings.

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