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Hi, I'm Kavneet and I'm a Graphic Designer with a background in Product Design. I'm all about attention to detail and injecting real meaning through my work. My goal is to further gender equality through design. 

I graduated with my Bachelors in Industrial Design in 2012 from Raffles Design Institute Singapore. I started my professional career as a product designer at ClassVogue(SG) while I was still finishing my undergraduate and moved on to working with Tremendousness(SG) for a while. After moving back to Delhi, I worked for the artists Thukral and Tagra for 5 years experimenting with every medium possible and fell in love with graphics. 

After working in the design industry for about 8 years I decided to go back to school and recently graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Masters in Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Visual Experience. 

My recently completed thesis is about :

Exposing contributing factors behind a lack of gender diversity in the field of graphic design. A comparative analysis between the West and South Asia.

Typedust is all things visual design, centering itself around clean, contemporary design. With my main focus on typography, I specialize in a wide variety of design mediums while keeping focus on the finer details. 

If you like my work and are looking for someone to be as passionate about bringing great design to your project as you are, feel free to drop me an email or DM me on instagram!


Masters in Fine Arts - Graphic Design and Visual Experience
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) 

Bachelor in 3D Design - Product Design
Raffles Design Institute Singapore


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